About us

Sustainable exotics farming.

Our family farm was founded in the 1980s with the express intention of producing high-quality, nutritious, and healthful fruits and vegetables.

We have successfully produced numerous sorts of exotic fruits throughout the years thanks to the subtropical environment of the Azemmour area. We have always pioneered new crops and introduced innovative techniques for farming, and were among the first to introduce Pitaya farming in Morocco in 2010 .

Currently, we primarily grow dragon fruits for both local and nearby European markets.
Our farm is actively engaged in promoting sustainability in all aspects of production. This engagement can be summarized as follow:

1-Management of scarce resources such as water, by continuously monitoring the daily needs of each plant and optimizing fertilizer input.

2-Utilizing renewable energies in pumping stations for irrigation, in order to minimize our carbon footprint and reduce demand on an overburdened grid.

3-Preserving our local ecosystem from contaminants originating from pesticides by adopting an IPM approach, as well as favoring organic fertilizers to nourish our plants.

Along  with our commitment to a zero-residue production and resources optimization, our farm and packing station have been certified GlobalGAP since 2020 and aim to obtain other certifications to meet the requests of our clients and partners.

During our short yet rewarding period experimenting with dragon fruit, we’ve carefully selected over 50 varieties from around the world and continue to do so in search of a superior cultivar that responds to consumer preferences. We also work hard  in our nursery to cultivate the greatest dragon fruit  kinds that can readily adapt to local  climate and bear fruits that have appealing shapes and colors, tasty and outstanding flavors, coupled with a naturally longer shelf life.

Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with a competitive and reliable dragon fruit supply chain, while delivering the end-consumers a great and affordable dragon fruit eating experience they can make part of their regular diet.

The perfect match!

Our pluridisciplinary team is made up of members from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds, passionate about their work and dedicated to common goals.

Abdelali Lahlou


Passionate agricultor and dedicated entrepreneur. He founded the farm in the 1980’s and shared his love for farming and established a strong work ethics for generations to come.


Farm Manager

A trained engineer and natural hardworker, he developped the family farm using the most advanced techniques and has made it the leading Moroccan pitaya producer, offering high-quality products to customers.

Our values

Passionate about farming

Our pluridisciplinary team is made up of members from a wide range of educational and professional backgrounds, passionate about their work and dedicated to common goals.

We have created a positive work environment where creativity and collaboration are encouraged, and where teamwork drives innovation and helps our farm stay ahead of competition.

Committed to innovation

Innovation is a key driver in our farm. It allows us not only to remain relevant in today’s fast-paced business environment but also competitive in our geographical region.

Through our nursery, we are able to offer new varieties of dragon fruits and other exotic fruits to an ever growing market for niche products.

We are also greatly invested in the use of technology to help ameliorate our production process, improve efficiency and increase productivity.

The use of connected soil sensors  in all of our fields, for instance, enabled us to reduce water usage while improving yield.

By embracing innovation, our farm unlocked new opportunities for growth and gained a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Dedicated to sustainability

Our team is well aware of the importance of sustainability in agriculture and the responsibilities that lie upon all actors in this industry, by not hindering the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

That is why we are dedicated to implementing practices that conserve natural resources, protect the environment, while maintaining the economic viability of our farm and ensuring the well-being of our workers and surrounding communities.

Following an IPM approach to protecting our crops, applying organic fertilization to keep our soil alive, and relying on renewable energies to power our pumps are part of our engagement towards sustainability.

Family values

Integrity, strong work ethic, responsibility, and dependability are qualities that are deeply ingrained in our identity.

These moral assets assisted us in developing credibility and trust in our relationships within our organization and beyond.

By consistently upholding these ideals, we have built a positive reputation, and enhanced our relationships with our suppliers and customers alike.

Incredibly sweet and juicy

Tasty pitaya

Family values

Our location

Our exotic fruit farm is located near Casablanca in Morocco, in the province of El Jadida