Varieties of red & yellow dragon fruit.


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Dragon fruits have significant health benefits in addition to being hyped and trendy. It strengthens our immune system with its high vitamin C content, protects our hearts by regulating blood pressure, and promotes intestinal flora with its probiotic content.

Dragon fruit also provides retailers with an opportunity to diversify and attract new customers who are looking for fresh and unique produce options. It appeals to health-conscious people seeking nutritious foods. Supermarkets have the opportunity to capitalize on the growing popularity of exotic fruits and enhance their sales.

During the past decade we have spent a great deal of time and considerable efforts into breeding multiple cultivars of dragon fruits from around the world, trying different trellising arrangements, adapting our pruning pratices, developing fertilisation programs for each cultivar, etc… 

This work has lead us to carefully select a handful of varieties for their distinctive flavors and outstanding appearance which not only caters to consumers preferences, but also produce value added products for our customers.

Ruby is characterized by its bright fushia juicy pulp with a red-pink skin, round shape with green-ish short and brittle bractiole. Although its brix level rarely exceeds 16°, it has a familiar flavor and appealing taste. Ruby is available for harvest from July to November with peak seasonability in september.

Orion was selected for its high sugar content and outstanding shelf life. When fully ripped It has a deep red hue from inside and outside with longer then average soft bractioles. Orion is harvested from August until December.

The golden variety has a unique appearance, this cultivar has a lovely soft skin with yellow hue and green-ish bracts. it has white flesh that is both sweet and tart, with average Brix score of 14. The oblong fruits of this pitaya are large, weighing in at over 500gr and is readily available from August thru December

Amazonas is a super sweet white-fleshed dragon fruit. The fruit begins green and turns yellow as it matures and is oval shaped. On average the fruit of this variety weighs approximately 350gr and ripes between October and February.